Posted at the time 22:30 | 07/02/2024

    Recapping the “TQ Wuling N300P Durability Challenge”

    For 14 consecutive days, TQ Wuling N300P has gone through 15 cities and provinces, with 4,400 km of diverse terrain on the S-shaped land. The journey not only showed the power and durability of the model but also marked the start of the journey of the TQ Wuling brand in Vietnam.

    From Sa Vi Cape to Ca Mau Cape, TQ Wuling N300P has shown its steady performance on any road condition: from the streets and lanes of the urban areas to the rocky and rugged mountain roads.

    Despite all challenges of terrain and weather, TQ Wuling N300P has proved its durability of the GM technology engine, with only 2 oil changes throughout the journey and no need to replace parts. This once again shows the quality of the model inherited from Wuling Motors (SGMW) and the level of assembly that meets Japanese standards by Tan Chong Group.

    Summarizing the journey with 9 product launch events at 30 market points across the country, TQ Wuling N300P attracted nearly 4,000 visitors to test driver, opening up opportunities for the brand to get closer to Vietnamese customers.

    The model impressed visitors with GM technology engine, meeting Euro 5 emission standards, best-in-class payload capacity of 1050kg, along with an ABS anti-lock braking system and a range of modern features such as 7” AVN touchscreen with Android and Apple Car Play connectivity, a rear-view camera, and a driving video recorder (DVR), etc. The positive feedback from both test drivers and experts on TQ Wuling N300P proved its real value.

    The strength and durability of the model shown through the cross-Vietnam journey is the clearest evidence for the claim “Trusted Quality Partner”.

    Let's look back at some impressive images of “TQ Wuling N300P Durability Challenge”:


    The Management Board of Da Nang High-Tech Park and Industrial Parks permits TCIE Vietnam Co., Ltd. to carry out environmental protection activities in Environmental License No. 2556/GPMT-BQL dated 21. November 2023.
    On 15th November, 2023, TCIE Vietnam Pte. Ltd, a subsidiary of the Tan Chong Group (Malaysia), announced the begin of a special event called “TQ Wuling N300P Durability Challenge”. The “TQ Wuling N300P Durability Challenge” will officially take place from November 15 to 28, starting from Sa Vi Cape – the northeasternmost point of Vietnam, […]
    On 8th November, 2023,TCIE Vietnam Pte. Ltd, a subsidiary of the Tan Chong Group in Vietnam, rolled out the first TQ Wuling N300P light truck in the plant in Da Nang, marking the debut of the TQ Wuling truck brand in the VIT market.