Posted at the time 10:47 | 08/11/2023

    Tan Chong Group Launches TQ Wuling N300P EURO5 Light Truck in Vietnam

    • The TQ Wuling brand and the TQ Wuling N300P– gasoline engine light truck are firstly introduced to the Vietnamese market as a collaboration between two automotive groups: the Tan Chong Group (Malaysia) and SGMW (SAIC General Motors Wuling).
    • The TQ Wuling N300P is a CKD product that has been improved based on the previous Wuling CBU truck model. With the spirit of “No Task Too Tough,” the TQ Wuling N300P stands out with a best-in-class payload capacity of 1050kg, EURO5 GM technology engine, an ABS anti-lock braking system and a range of modern features.
    • The TQ Wuling N300P is available in carrier, canopy and cargo box variants with MSRP from 209,000,000 VND (including VAT).

     On 8th November, 2023,TCIE Vietnam Pte. Ltd, a subsidiary of the Tan Chong Group in Vietnam, rolled out the first TQ Wuling N300P light truck in the plant in Danang, marking the debut of the TQ Wuling truck brand in the Vietnam market.

    TQ Wuling and the Commitment of “Trusted Quality Partner”

    TQ Wuling brand is a collaboration between Truckquip (abbreviated as TQ) – a subsidiary of Tan Chong Group (Malaysia) and Wuling Motors – a subsidiary of SGMW (SAIC-GM-Wuling), a leading automotive corporation in China.

    Before entering the Vietnam, Truckquip had already established its presence in Malaysia. Initially, Truckquip’s main function is providing shared-service majoring on trucks and buses to the Tan Chong Group. In 2013, Truckquip had expended its business model into body building and chassis assembly business and setup its first manufacturing plant in Selangor, Malaysia.

    Wuling Motors, Truckquip's partner, is one of the top-selling vehicle manufacturers, consistently selling over 450,000 units per year in the past five years and surpassing 1,000,000 units in 2021. A significant portion of these sales includes the Wuling Hong Guang (N300P) light trucks, with 255,000 units per year. In Indonesia, a Southeast Asian market similar to Vietnam, Wuling Motors launched MPV and Van products, and quickly achieving high sales, particularly in 2021 with 255,000 units.

    In 2023, Truckquip partnered with Wuling Motors (SGMW) to develop the TQ Wuling truck brand and launch it in Vietnam which targets to family businesses, delivery services, transportation, goods trading enterprises and aims to serve commercial purposes.

    TQ Wuling sets the goal to become the “Trusted Quality Partner” in the transportation sector in Vietnam. TQ Wuling commits to provide high-quality transportation vehicles to Vietnamese customers with core values of durability, efficiency, and reliability. TQ Wuling vehicles are assembled at the Japanese standard Tan Chong Group’s plant in Danang, inheriting quality from SGMW (SAIC-GM-Wuling) and GM (General Motors) technology engines. TQ Wuling commits to provide comprehensive quality product and after-sales services with a 3-year or 100,000 km warranty whichever comes first and 24/7 roadside assistance nationwide.

    To ensure that customers can be “Peace of mind when transporting goods – Gentle maintenance cost,” the manufacturer has optimized the design and used high-quality parts and materials, allowing the vehicle to perform periodical maintenance every 10,000 km. This is considered a superior point, saving more time and costs for customers while ensuring safe operation and extending the vehicle's lifespan compared to other competitors in the market.

    TQ Wuling N300P – No Task Too Tough

    As the first product of the TQ Wuling brand lauched in Vietnam, the TQ Wuling N300P, assembled as CKD at Tan Chong Group's Japanese standard plant in Da Nang, stands out with its engine power, high payload, and modern equipment, making it a durable, economical, safe, and reliable transportation solution.

    Smooth, Durable, and Powerful Performance

    The TQ Wuling N300P features a high-performance GM technology 4-cylinder inline, 16-valve DOHC engine with electronic fuel injection, intelligent intake and exhaust system DVVT, and ECU from Bosch (Germany), ensuring strong performance, durability, fuel efficiency, and meeting Euro 5 emission standards.

    Best in class with a payload of up to 1050kg, combined with a maximum power of 102Hp (75Kw)/5,400rpm and maximum torque of 136 Nm/4000 – 4800 rpm, the TQ Wuling N300P quickly reaches maximum towing capacity, enhancing its carrying capacity and fuel efficiency throughout the journey.

    Equipped with superior electric power steering and anti-lock braking system ABS with steering control support, TQ Wuling N300P provides safety and comfort to the driver when driving on any road condition.

    Comfortable Interior

    Besides the impressive performance, TQ Wuling N300P also possesses a convenient interior with a 7” AVN touchscreen with Android and Apple Car Play connectivity, a rear-view camera, and a driving video recorder (DVR), ensuring the safety and a fully comfortable driving experience.

    The driver's compartment is designed for comfort and convenience with two-way air conditioning, fabric seats, handy storage compartments, and power windows. The remote-controlled central locking system with anti-theft alarm.

    Strong and Safety Design

    The TQ Wuling N300P’s Carrier version has overall dimensions of 4,535 x 1,595 x 1,870 mm with the cargo dimensions of 2,710 x 1,520 x 320 mm, optimizing the cargo capacity. A wheelbase of 3,050 mm ensures stable and safe trip.

    The frame is sturdily designed with a hydraulic shock-absorbed suspension system, 6-leaf springs, enhancing durability, load-bearing capacity, and road grip, ensuring high stability and smoothness on various terrains.

    The optimized lighting system with adjustable headlights and rear fog lights enhances visibility and safety in bad weather condition.

    To meet the diverse transportation needs of the market, TQ Wuling N300P is designed with many variants with reasonable MSRP price (including VAT):

    TQ Wuling N300P – Carrier209,000,000 VND219,000,000 VND
    TQ Wullng N300P – Canopy223,000,000 VND228,000,000 VND
    TQ Wuling N300P – Cargo box227,000,000 VND232,000,000 VND

     During the launch period, TQ Wuling offers a special promotion: a free 01 unit of air fryer from UNIE brand worth 5,590,000 VND for each car purchased at the TQ Wuling authorized dealership nationwide until the end of December, 2023.

    Please visit the website: or Hotline 18009018 for detailed information about the brand and products.


    The Tan Chong Group was originally founded as a small motor vehicle distributor in the 1950s. Up to now, Tan Chong Group has developed into one of the leading automobile groups in Malaysia, and is present in many countries around the world.

    In Vietnam, Tan Chong Group has been active in the automotive industry for more than a decade and is one of the largest Southeast Asian investors in the country. By understanding Vietnamese customers, Tan chong Group commits to make more efforts to bring products with the best quality and service to the market.


    In 2002, Wuling officially became part of SGMW Group – a joint venture between three major corporations including SAIC, General Motors (US) and Wuling Motors. The company's headquarters is located in Liuzhou City, Guangxi province, China. SGMW assembles and manufactures light trucks, light vans under the Wuling brand and passenger vehicles under the Baojun brand.

    Today, Wuling Motors has become one of the most valuable brands in the automotive industry with the spirit of ”Durable self-resisting”.' Accompanying the difficulty, and both the gratitude and joy of customers, Wuling has been helping more and more people achieve success on the way to business. Wuling commits to provide high quality products and increasingly improved services to customers in the future.


    For 14 consecutive days, TQ Wuling N300P has gone through 15 cities and provinces, with 4,400 km of diverse terrain on the S-shaped land. The journey not only showed the power and durability of the model but also marked the start of the journey of the TQ Wuling brand in Vietnam.
    On 15th November, 2023, TCIE Vietnam Pte. Ltd, a subsidiary of the Tan Chong Group (Malaysia), announced the begin of a special event called “TQ Wuling N300P Durability Challenge”. The “TQ Wuling N300P Durability Challenge” will officially take place from November 15 to 28, starting from Sa Vi Cape – the northeasternmost point of Vietnam, […]